KEEN Mini Disposable Manicure File 80/80


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Made of premium quality material, these double-sided nail files by KEEN works perfectly to trim or shape your acrylic nails quickly and efficiently to your desired shape and length, making your nails look perfect every time. Coarse 80-Grit size helps to shape your nails perfectly and gives you a smooth finish. Made with high quality Emery board with rounded edge design. Works with all artificial, acrylic sets, gel tops, and false tips; Removes nail gel from extended or fake nails. Complete your manicure/ pedicure kit with this Nail File pack; Suitable for personal use, salon use and also for pet grooming
Size of single file 0.55″ x 4.75″
50 pcs/ bag
Premium Quality Double Sided Nail Files, all you need to trim and shape your nails perfectly
Works with all artificial, acrylic nails, Nail gel tops, and false tips. Can remove nail gel from extended or fake nails
Perfectly suitable for Nail Salon, personal use, and also for pet grooming
1 Bag (Total 50 pcs)

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Weight 30 lbs


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